HOPE Clinic

Mailing address:
PO BOX 788
Alvin, Tx 77512

Physical address:
3373 E. Highway 6
Alvin, Tx 77511

Phone: 281-331-3288
Email: info@hope-clinic.org

There aren’t many tangible benefits to volunteering. By definition a volunteer means “without pay.” So why do people do it? Why do people take time out of their lives to come to the clinic and volunteer on a consistent basis?

I have recently seen a glimpse of the answer. It’s because we are a family.

One of our volunteers (I’ll call her “S” because I haven’t asked her if I can share her story) has been hospitalized to await the birth of her baby. “S” is from another country and doesn’t have family here. Well, family other than HOPE Clinic volunteers. “S” knows we are praying for her and her new baby.

We have an incredible, diverse group of people who are at the clinic because they like to be there. Every morning before clinic starts we pray together, and one of the things we pray for is that every person who comes through our doors feel the love of Christ. Our volunteers know that love, and they share it.

And that makes HOPE a good place to spend time as a volunteer.

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