HOPE Clinic

Mailing address:
PO BOX 788
Alvin, Tx 77512

Physical address:
3373 E. Highway 6
Alvin, Tx 77511

Phone: 281-331-3288
Email: info@hope-clinic.org

Recently, we treated a woman at HOPE Clinic with an interesting set of circumstances. Within the past year she had been diagnosed with cancer, undergone surgery, and was in the process of receiving chemotherapy when her oncologist stopped her treatments.

Chronic infection from her decayed teeth was causing some issues with her chemo. Her cancer doctor said she could not go on with treatments until the source of the infections was resolved.

Her story of how she came to  HOPE Clinic is a story that was written by God’s hand…

As many can attest, it is difficult to get an appointment for the eligibility interview.

She was able to get an interview the first time she called.

Normally, it takes more than a week before an initial appointment is given after a patient qualifies.

She qualified on a Tuesday, and we had an appointment available for Friday of the same week.

The first visit is an x-ray and exam; we need to know what a patient needs in order to allow time for treatment.

This particular day, we had extra time.

She was able to get several extractions done, and will be able to resume chemotherapy treatment for her cancer.

We know God is present; it is so encouraging to see His hand so clearly!

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